“How do I keep strengths alive in my organisation?”

This Strengths Culture Toolkit answers just that question!

The Toolkit has been designed to help you integrate strengths into your organisation and sustainably develop a strengths based culture.

The toolkit is full of simple, user friendly, practical and yet very effective tips, tools and templates to develop your strengths culture.  The contents of the toolkit have been developed from over 15 years of developing organisational cultures and partnering with clients to develop strengths cultures.

Tell me how do to it…

A question, I’ve heard a lot as I’m sure a lot of coaches have. How do I keep strengths alive? How do I keep people interested? How do I get the most value out of the investment we’ve made?
While there is lots of information out there to help people understand and apply their strengths on an individual level. This toolkit provides practical guides, tools and information to help you easily increase the ROI from your investment in StrengthsFinder and develop a strengths based culture.

Move from a nice to do, but what next?

The Toolkit’s aim is to refresh, apply and integrate the language, insights and benefits of the StrengthsFinder into your culture with the aim of creating an inspired culture where everyone thrives!
The Strengths Culture Toolkit assists Leaders, HR Managers and Coaches to easily develop a Strengths culture through project templates, guidelines and tools. The toolkit contains enough information to implement over a three to six month structured process.


The Strengths culture toolkit is pack of full of user friendly resources to help you embed Strengths in your organisation.  Also as we develop new materials and resources, your membership provide you access to these materials!


The toolkit includes…


A range of templates to help you manage the integration of strengths into your organisation culture. They include... Strengths action plans, culture assessment, conversation guides and statements.

Facilitator guides

Outlines how to deliver and use the toolkit material through engaging experiential activities.  These complement the learning process and provide the opportunity for individuals to claim and apply their strengths!


Designed to help you communicate and embed strengths within your organisation.They include... Strengths meetings, activities and champions.


Supplied as print ready files. They provide visual reminders that complement the insights into strengths through coaching and workshops to help develop your strengths culture.

Email templates

To help communicate before and after Strengths workshops and coaching sessions. Additional templates also help reinforce the strengths message within your organisation.


As a BONUS each Toolkit also includes...

  • 1:1 coaching call from a Strengths Coach to help you with your Strengths Culture journey and the implementation of your Toolkit. (Valued at $450)
  • Lifetime membership with access to future materials, including some very cool assessments and templates.
  • Access to the Strengths Culture Toolkit Facebook group, where you can share your lessons, insights and learn from others!

Benefits of the coaching call include…

  • Strategies to engage and influence your organisation leaders
  • Understanding different approaches to build your strengths culture
  • Deepen your understanding of the Clifton StrengthsFinder®  themes and strengths


Whether you organisation has 10 employees or a 1,000, culture is the foundation for the engagement, efficiency, growth and performance of your organisation. Organisational culture is defined as a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in the organisation. These shared values have a strong influence on the people in the organisation and dictate how they dress, act, and perform their jobs.

Another way to view culture, is it’s not what’s written in policies, procedures and standards but “What we do and say and allow others to do and say.”  Leadership at all levels in your organisation, is a major factor on influencing the culture of your organisation, this is why it is critical to build the engagement of leaders in Strengths and provide them with the skills and tools, making it easy to build a Strengths culture.

Through developing an effective strengths based culture you engage and motivate the teams to achieve the organisation vision and all of the goals that are part of it.  Gallup’s research has also shown “PEOPLE WHO FOCUS ON USING THEIR STRENGTHS MAXIMISE THEIR POTENTIAL!”

  • People who learn to use their strengths every day have 7.8% greater productivity.
  • Teams who receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability.

Your organisation’s culture is made up of 4 areas.

Leadership, Attitudes, Systems and the Environment.  The Strengths Culture Toolkit provides you as a coach, leader, HR or OD professional with the resources and tools to easily implement a Strengths-based culture across these four areas.


The specific behaviours, communication and symbols of your organisation’s leaders.


The attitudes (think and feel) and behaviours of team members.


Formal and informal policies and practices that guide behaviours and the perceptions surrounding these policies.


The physical workplace environment, for example notice boards, office setup, employee facilities, equipment, clothing and meeting rooms.

  • The Strengths culture toolkit provides resources to help embed Strengths across all four areas of your culture.

Murray Guest



My background...

After over 20 years in corporate roles which included roles as a QA Manager, L&D Manager, BD Manager and Facilitator, I followed my heart and started my own business as a business coach, facilitator and consultant. In the past as a leader of teams and when managing learning and development in a major organisation I never wanted any training to be just some tick and flick exercise.  I really dislike the thought of people going to training because they have to, not switched on or learning from the training.  The sort of situation where they then go back to doing what they were doing before, with no real ROI (Return On Investment) from the training.  As a coach and consultant I still am very passionate about this and I want this toolkit to help you get the most from your StrengthsFinder interventions and develop a strengths culture with all of the benefits it brings. Having worked with many organisations and helped over 700 people unlock their strengths in my first two years of business, I’ve seen the impact an understanding of Strengths can bring to individuals, teams and organisations.

Gallup’s research has shown when you develop a strengths based culture and people are working in their strengths zone…

  • look forward to going to work
  • have more positive than negative interactions with co-workers
  • treat customers better
  • tell their friends they work for a great company
  • achieve more on a daily basis
  • have more positive, creative and innovative moments

I’ve also seen the benefits with the organisations developing a more engaged culture, more inspired leaders, increased levels of collaboration and communication.  Also team members with a deeper understanding of themselves and their fellow team members, which has lead to greater respect and improved relationships.  Through unlocking and embracing their strengths, people have gained more confidence, more belief in themselves, able to move on from past experiences (and sometimes poor management) and look to a future and what’s possible with more commitment and positive anticipation.

The need to get the most from professional development and embedding the learnings from training in the culture are still major goals for leaders. With organisational cultural change a key thing to remember is it’s the combination of the small things, that don’t cost much that have the biggest impact! With this Toolkit providing the resources to help you do just that.

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